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Plum Eyewash

Our company supports numerous German and European enterprises which produce and sell special or unique products. These companies have engaged us to find professional foreign distributors in the MENA region.

For example the Danish family business Plum A/S, the manufacturer of Plum Eyewash, belongs to our customers. Under the brand name Plum Eyewash the customers find an eye rinse which can be used at an accident or in an emergency. An accident can happen fast and immediate action decides whether it gets down to a loss of the eyesight or to any other serious eye injury.

In case of an eye injury doctors differentiate between eye injuries caused by chemicals and eye injuries caused by foreign bodies in the eye.

Foreign bodies can penetrate into the eyes when working with wood or with metal. Dirt, grains and dust particles also can cause serious eye injuries, which can be prevented effectively by the fast use of Plum Eyewash. If Plum Eyewash is used immediately it is possible to prevent the deposition of the foreign body in the eye so that it does not come to any damages.

When eyes are injured by chemicals, mainly the risk of a chemical burn exists. The higher concentrated the acid, the faster it corrodes the eye. Serious eye injuries caused by highly heated chemicals can be prevented by Plum Eyewash. Hence a product of Plum eyewash should always be in use in companies which work with chemicals which are liquid, solid or gaseous.

Plum Eyewash

There also exist safety regulations in the Arabian states at the handling of dangerous substances, which have to be regarded by the companies. For this reason the company Plum A/S has entrusted our consulting firm to advertise their product Plum Eyewash in the countries of the MENA region and to find new foreign distributors.

For this purpose an advertising folder has been created in English with detailed information about Plum Eyewash and other first-aid products of the Danish company.

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