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Middle East Sales

In the business world it can happen that a company receives an enquiry from the Middle East concerning the export of certain services or goods. Small or medium-sized companies frequently need some support with such an enquiry as they only have little or no experiences with Middle East Sales. In this case our experienced staff helps to find the optimal approach to the export order.

After a careful examination of the enquiry concerning Middle East Sales we develop the complete process regarding the handling of the order together with your company. Our consultants are also available at the realisation of the handling process and they support you with helpful advice. If your company is unable to cope with the execution of the Middle East Sales we also carry out the complete handling and realisation of this special order. We also offer several solutions to German companies that are interested in an active market entry into Middle East Sales.

Middle East Sales

We assess your plans as an export firm strategically and we check them with regard to their professional realisation. With the help of our competent advice you will develop within short time a detailed plan for the expansion of Middle East Sales, which we split into individual phases. We also support you with the realisation of the particular phases. Thus we structure your company regarding human resources and expertise and we organise the processing of the different country groups. Furthermore we also check the marketing and sales potential of your product on the foreign market. Thanks to our worldwide business connections a realistic estimation of the sales prospects is carried out.

At the same time we pay attention to local import rules and regulations, required certifications as well as other qualifications, which have to be fulfilled to sell your product on the foreign market. Our international network can also be used by German companies in order to find new trading partner for Middle East Sales.

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