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Middle East Marketing

German companies must follow particular characteristics of the Arabian Market in connection with Middle East Marketing.

Thanks to our long-time experience in Middle East Marketing we fast and competently develop successful marketing strategies and we also help you at the implementation. Because of our strong business connections to the Middle East our professional consultants can estimate reliably whether your product range is suitable for the Arabian market.

With regard to the Middle East Marketing we analyse and value your complete assortment of goods. We assist with a realistic prizing and we hand out competent advice which brands are particularly well suited for Middle East Marketing.

Middle East Marketing

Thanks to the extensive experiences of our staff with foreign media we guarantee a targeted Middle East Marketing. We determine suitable countries for the export of your products and we make effective contacts with foreign distributors.

Trade fairs are always an important place for the introduction of new products. In connection with Middle East Marketing our company gives advice at the choice of a suitable fair. We also take over the execution of the fair participation as well as the operational planning of the fair. The construction of the booth, its design, assistance in the participation in the trade fair and a detailed follow-up meeting are included.

Should there be promising contacts with foreign business partners during the fair, our employees accompany you on visits with your new foreign distributor or your new customer and we also help with the meaningful presentation of your products on site. Our experienced consultants also support you in the following conclusion of the contract. Trainings of the employees of your foreign business partner are also part of our range as a business consultancy.

Besides the support of exports we also competently attend the import of required components for the production of goods.

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