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Middle East Export

Amongst other things we focus our advisory activity on Middle East Export, which means the sale of services or goods into countries of the Middle East. Companies which are interested in Middle East Export can faithfully contact one of our experienced consultants.

Our advisory activities include the assessment of the chances and potentials of your company to take part in Middle East Export. For that purpose at first a detailed analysis of your company is carried out. Both the staff situation and the organisational conditions of your company are examined and evaluated closely. If your company decides after a close examination to take part in Middle East Export our work is not finished yet for a long time.

To begin with we check the products whose sale is planned on their marketability in the Arabian countries. Our staff will help with pricing and they apply for respectively check the required certifications of the goods.

Middle East Export

Naturally we bear in mind all procedural and legal demands for Middle East Export and we will apply for the required permits. As soon as your company is ready for the export of the first products our competent employees help at the preparation of the necessary export documents.

Furthermore they point to the applicable notification requirements, they check the sanction list for Middle East Export and they follow all specifications of trademark law. The ambitions of our comprehensive advice and support of your company as a German exporter are installation of an export department working independently as well as the opening up of new markets for your enterprise. Your employees are trained and prepared thoroughly for negotiations with foreign business partners.

Hence also inexperienced companies with a brilliant idea for the Arabian market can participate in Middle East Export almost without risk and your company can develop numerous new chances of profit.

Please contact us if you have any queries.

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