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Emergency Shower

The German company B-Safety GmbH from Hamburg, an enterprise of the Breuell and Hilgenfeldt Group, is also one of our customers. B-Safety is one of the leading manufacturers in Germany for eye showers and for emergency showers.

The company produces different types of eye showers such as safety eye showers, hand eye showers or tempered eye showers. The production of emergency showers represents another large business segment of the German company. Both industrial enterprises and laboratories get an emergency shower from B-Safety GmbH.

The company also offers emergency showers with a tank as well as accessories for the emergency showers such as filter systems, a separate quantity limitation, a testing car for the emergency shower or a hot water supply. Chemical laboratories must always be equipped with a special shower to be immediately started in case of scalds, chemical burns or in case of large-scale skin burns.

The emergency showers for laboratories of B-Safety GmbH possess a high-performance shower head with which a high water power is achieved with a minimal pressure. The jet of water remains extra soft so that the injured skin is not irritated even more. A heated emergency shower can be used in the outdoor area as well. As soon as a company from the Middle East is interested in the acquisition of an emergency shower of B-Safety GmbH, the foreign business partner can contact our consulting firm at any time.

Emergency Shower

We arrange the contact between both companies and we also help with the contract negotiations. However, we expressly point out that we have been engaged by B-Safety GmbH with the contact mediation because of our regular presence in the Arabian countries and because of our consequential intensive business contacts. But a purchaser from the Arabian countries orders the emergency shower directly from the manufacturer according to the regular export terms.

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