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Bumper Guards

Under the name Bumper Guards the German company SHG Pur-Profile GmbH from Eitorf sells protection profiles as well as warning profiles which are attached to walls, to corners, to machines, to pillars or to other danger points. The distribution of the Bumper Guards is carried out under the onomatopoeic name “Knuffi”.

The company SHG Pur-Profile GmbH has engaged us as a consultancy firm to find new foreign distributors and buyers for the Bumper Guards in the Middle East. The striking protective profiles provide an effective protection against pushes, so that the employees of a company do not suffer any injuries at their daily work. The multi-coloured warning profiles effectively prevent damages to the inventory and to the machines.

Bumper Guards are available in the eye-catching signal colours red-white or black-yellow. Black or white warning profiles as well as protection profiles which luminesce for a long time or which fluoresce are also on offer.

Because of the protection a company saves both costs which result from the absence of employees caused by injuries and repair costs for the machines or the inventory.

The Bumper Guards are resistant to humidity and they bear temperatures between plus 100 degrees centigrade and below 40 degrees centigrade. The Bumper Guards can therefore be used in the outdoor area as well as in the interior. A patented manufacturing process provides a particular flexibility of the Bumper Guards. For that reason they can easily be attached to curved places, too.

Bumper Guards

Because of their special material the protection profiles absorb optimally the impact forces at a push so that there are no injuries.

A special colour application on the foil inside as reverse printing ensures that the striking signal colour of the warning profiles is preserved for a long time even with an extremely strong abrasion.

Before publication of the sales brochure abroad of course we check whether the offered warning profiles correspond to local safety regulations and legal regulations. The foreign business partners can faithfully address themselves to us for the execution of the import deal as well as in case of questions concerning the Bumper Guards.

Please contact us if you have any queries.

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